What are some models for student-generated questioning?
An open model for student-guided inquiry, which can lead into discussion prompts: Seed Questions
external image empty.png Seed Questions.doc

A more formal approach that empowers students to lead their own discussion: Socratic Seminar
external image empty.png Socratic Seminars.doc

This is set up for analyzing perception in literature, but it would be easy to adapt to any situation involving motivation, and it could lead to rich discussions and even introspection.
external image msword.png Perception Analysis.doc

A good old fashioned CRISS strategy that gets students to approach the text based on different levels of higher order thinking. These questions start at the text level but quickly move to project beyond the text.
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These are some poorly scanned pages from the Project CRISS manual. In them, it clearly lays out the rationale and research behind student generated questions. It also provides numerous content-specific examples, in varying degrees of quality and usefulness. These pages are worth reviewing.